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Talent Corner believes that the recruitment industry holds tremendous need & potential. We are equally excited about the Power of Entrepreneurship. 2017 onwards India will witness 76% of growth in the Recruitment Industry. 83% leaders believe that the talent is the number one priority and a driving force behind the company’s success. The recruitment industry is not a glamorous function but it comes with a lot of responsibilities. It is not directly responsible for the revenue or creating game-changer product, but is responsible for recruiting a right talent who will bring profits to the company.

HR department also comes across the Employee Cycle which is similar to the product cycle. Depending on the sector every company faces monthly or quarterly staff turnover. In the turbulent times also the recruitment plays a key role as the companies start looking for a talent with fresh and unique skills.

The current situation gives a tremendous scope to the recruiter to play a key role of connecting right candidates to right companies. Hence the company’s are looking for like minded recruitment partners who will assist them.

In a dynamic business world, standardized business solutions don’t often work. Our customised recruitment solutions across industries aim to create true value between jobs seekers and recruiting companies.

We believe that success in our business is not in the ability to complete transactions but in the ability to manage relationships. Apart from High-Quality Service, Our Industry Demands “Ownership” in Business. Thus in Order to Scale, we have Developed a Unique Franchise Opportunity to harness your Entrepreneurial Aspirations.

Our Opportunity Supports You with

  • Opportunity to Service Existing & New Client Acquired by the Head Office.
  • Access to the Best Training & Intellectual Property Built by the Company over Several Years.
  • Freedom from Mundane Administrative Activities.
  • Access to Better Technological Resources.
  • Opportunity to be a Part of an Existing Branded Network.

Our Partners Must

  • Have a Long Term Vision.
  • Ability to Invest Time & Money.
  • Desire to be an Opinion Leader in the Industry.
  • Our Plug & Play Model is the most conducive if you Desire to Start Your Own Recruitment Business.

We already have several partners running their businesses very successfully.

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